The Dominus Cervix Energetica products are energized with and radiate pure light. Everything within their field of energy is brought into a state of harmony and vibrates at a higher resonance. The Dominus Cervix energy neutralizes and transforms negative thoughts and emotions, water veins, earth rays and other negative energies to bring greater balance to the body and environment.



Just to let you know that I have been working within the stargate transmitting love and light first to my 4 lower bodies, then to my city, then to North America and then to the world and then to the universe, the galaxy, and all other dimensions, and now since I got the stargate, I really feel like a "BEACON"  doing the work.... so thrilled that I have had the good fortune of having you cross my path... Keep on spreading the light.

- S.D., SK, Canada

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Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil & Gem Show

Experience the Stargate at the Denver Coliseum Mineral, Fossil & Gem Show! more...

NewLife Expo - New York City

Experience the Stargate! more...

MUMs Expo, Allentown PA

Experience the Stargate! more...

Experience the Stargate - Bettendorf - Quad Cities, Iowa!

Appointments from 10am to 8pm Easy freeway access off I-74 and 53rd Street exit near Utica Road Call Julie at 309-235-1384 or Reverend Rochelle at 309-269-6989 For additional info please visit: http://www.newearthhealingandteachingcenters.org/calendar more...
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